Wednesday, 05 June 2013 18:37

Oncology Processes


The disease has an important connotation cancer psychosocial and generates a great emotional impact on both the person affected and its environment.

Treatments usually involve the cancer process (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) can cause sudden changes physical and psychological, and often tend to alter the quality and lifestyle of the patient.

Guzu offer support at different stages of the disease, among which are:


It aims to promote the expression and emotional processing, skills training and the strategies to face the problem, prevention and relief of anxiety and stress reduction.


These briefings and guidance about specific issues related to cancer process (Food, prostheses / wigs, return to work...) so that both the patient and the family can take part in actively in the process.


It is a place where people affected by cancer can learn about other experiences, create relationships, and find resources to facilitate the cancer experience. (Emotional expression, outplacement, fears, changing roles within the family, sexuality...)

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