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Like Milton Erickson said, here in GUZU we also believe that people have the resources within theirselves, or within their social systems to create the necessary changes.

That is why we are interested in the matters the clients show us in the form of mental patterns or constructions. It will also be important to analyze how the clients, or the people involved in the issue, see and overcome the difficulties and the solutions that they propose.


And equally important or even more the solutions are. Steve De Shazer said, “If you want to open a door it is more important to find the key rather than the lock’s nature”. Upon that, we will analyze what are the solutions the person, his/her partner, or family have found and done, so we can help to find the right path to follow. “More of this” or “Less of this”.


In addition, we will arrange with the client the process’ objectives going from “here and now” to the future. This will make it easier for us to get the signs of change and the solution. All of these will be done in a short following process focused to solve certain situations in a practical way.


Our psychology center is orientated to kids, teenager, adults and elderly people. The demands go from personal moments or crisis situations, improvement of communication or social skills, familiar relationships conflicts, disputes, crisis processes due to sickness, decision-making skills, psycho-oncologic processes, etc.

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