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The word sex includes in itself different meaning. It sometimes refers to us as men and women whereas others relates to the fact that we have sex (genitals) and practice it. In GUZU we regard sexology as the study of sexes, that means, women and men who throughout life, define themselves as male or female. How to live this process depends on the individual but in the end, an approach is what matters.

We help people to meet, accept and express themselves the way they are so as to find the most beneficial way to make a relationship to somebody else. We are interested in biographies, the living and feeling attitudes towards the rest and in which misunderstandings and difficulties may have overcome. Some of them can be related to the sexual identity, sexual orientation and to the sexual socialization.

In just the same way erotic-sexual difficulties such as, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, desire disorders, sexual dissatisfaction, vaginismus, and others.

On another hand, couple relationships turn into or may turn into something that is worth taking care. Guidance in looking for solutions in crisis, erotic enrichment, looking for tools in improving life in couple.

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