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They are not the same things that trouble us but the views we have of those things.

EPICTETO (first century D.C.)

In GUZU we handle te idea that people create the reality from their perceptions, beliefs and behaviors; and sometimes the realities are maps that do not correspond to the territory.

Moreover, families are systems formed by people who interact with each other at all times and any changes in the system affects the other participants of it.

The difficulties that sometimes travesing family systems are normal ways to adapt to various situations and life cycles as the many difficulties of life. Sometimes these types of adaptation create problems.

GUZU through family therapy service aims to provide support for improving the personnel making up the family, understood as those that form the domestic (parents, children, brothers, sisters) and extra-family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousin) that may become party to the support, education or replace it.

It is a service to help families to reflect on the dynamics of the same standard and the difficulties that may occur in different situations and life cycles. Because of the diversity of family models existing home teaching is based on the direct care with the family to meet their demand and personalized way.

In family therapy serve:

  • Difficulties in raising children (Disobedience, uncontrollable tantrums, sleep problems, violence, school failure, drug use...).
  • Family crisis (Separations, reconstructions, restructurings...).
  • Duels (Separations, death or illness of a family member...).
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