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The therapy process is traditionally carried out in consultation with the customer visit. This face format offers the advantage of a close interpersonal relationship, in a space that fit both verbal and non verbal or gestural.

However, new technologies (email, chat, social media, video, ...) have opened new possibilities for customer relations, provide tools to the therapy service to people who can not come to visit.

Thus, the ONLINE format allows to address different contexts and situations that can not be dealt with face format. With its limitations (you can not meet all demands), and although it lacks the advantages of the traditional format (closeness and a greater perception of the customer) online format, however, allows to respond to specific situations that require remote care (lack of time for work, care work, travel, ...).

GUZU ONLINE offers this service to those in need. To access the form, you must download and install the program SKYPE.

In order to access this service we have established a rate per session. We offer various payment methods: trough Paypal or bank transference. Once established, get to the video-conference using the "Call" button or start writing to us selecting the Chat option:

Online sessions
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They are not the same things that trouble us but the views we have of those things.

EPICTETO (first century D.C.)

In GUZU we handle te idea that people create the reality from their perceptions, beliefs and behaviors; and sometimes the realities are maps that do not correspond to the territory.

Moreover, families are systems formed by people who interact with each other at all times and any changes in the system affects the other participants of it.

The difficulties that sometimes travesing family systems are normal ways to adapt to various situations and life cycles as the many difficulties of life. Sometimes these types of adaptation create problems.

GUZU through family therapy service aims to provide support for improving the personnel making up the family, understood as those that form the domestic (parents, children, brothers, sisters) and extra-family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousin) that may become party to the support, education or replace it.

It is a service to help families to reflect on the dynamics of the same standard and the difficulties that may occur in different situations and life cycles. Because of the diversity of family models existing home teaching is based on the direct care with the family to meet their demand and personalized way.

In family therapy serve:

  • Difficulties in raising children (Disobedience, uncontrollable tantrums, sleep problems, violence, school failure, drug use...).
  • Family crisis (Separations, reconstructions, restructurings...).
  • Duels (Separations, death or illness of a family member...).
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Oncology Processes

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The disease has an important connotation cancer psychosocial and generates a great emotional impact on both the person affected and its environment.

Treatments usually involve the cancer process (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) can cause sudden changes physical and psychological, and often tend to alter the quality and lifestyle of the patient.

Guzu offer support at different stages of the disease, among which are:


It aims to promote the expression and emotional processing, skills training and the strategies to face the problem, prevention and relief of anxiety and stress reduction.


These briefings and guidance about specific issues related to cancer process (Food, prostheses / wigs, return to work...) so that both the patient and the family can take part in actively in the process.


It is a place where people affected by cancer can learn about other experiences, create relationships, and find resources to facilitate the cancer experience. (Emotional expression, outplacement, fears, changing roles within the family, sexuality...)

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Like Milton Erickson said, here in GUZU we also believe that people have the resources within theirselves, or within their social systems to create the necessary changes.

That is why we are interested in the matters the clients show us in the form of mental patterns or constructions. It will also be important to analyze how the clients, or the people involved in the issue, see and overcome the difficulties and the solutions that they propose.


And equally important or even more the solutions are. Steve De Shazer said, “If you want to open a door it is more important to find the key rather than the lock’s nature”. Upon that, we will analyze what are the solutions the person, his/her partner, or family have found and done, so we can help to find the right path to follow. “More of this” or “Less of this”.


In addition, we will arrange with the client the process’ objectives going from “here and now” to the future. This will make it easier for us to get the signs of change and the solution. All of these will be done in a short following process focused to solve certain situations in a practical way.


Our psychology center is orientated to kids, teenager, adults and elderly people. The demands go from personal moments or crisis situations, improvement of communication or social skills, familiar relationships conflicts, disputes, crisis processes due to sickness, decision-making skills, psycho-oncologic processes, etc.

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The word sex includes in itself different meaning. It sometimes refers to us as men and women whereas others relates to the fact that we have sex (genitals) and practice it. In GUZU we regard sexology as the study of sexes, that means, women and men who throughout life, define themselves as male or female. How to live this process depends on the individual but in the end, an approach is what matters.

We help people to meet, accept and express themselves the way they are so as to find the most beneficial way to make a relationship to somebody else. We are interested in biographies, the living and feeling attitudes towards the rest and in which misunderstandings and difficulties may have overcome. Some of them can be related to the sexual identity, sexual orientation and to the sexual socialization.

In just the same way erotic-sexual difficulties such as, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, desire disorders, sexual dissatisfaction, vaginismus, and others.

On another hand, couple relationships turn into or may turn into something that is worth taking care. Guidance in looking for solutions in crisis, erotic enrichment, looking for tools in improving life in couple.

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The words used to define this sort of intervention are countless, counseling, coaching, therapy, However, all of them search help to all those people in need and also to these systems made by people (couple, family, groups, organizations, firms).

We, GUZU, highly believe in people´s capability to succeed in finding the way to lead a better life so it is our objective to help people to search for solutions. It is an escort and training process, looking for sources, taking the individual into account.